Maria drew inspiration for our latest collection from the vineyards and its grapevines, where a delicate balance between structure and organic growth is essential for the growth and fruition of the fruit. The intertwining of tubes and wires creates a stable foundation for the vines, while their irregular trunks and branches form endless lines that are both beautiful and functional. These endless lines inspired our latest collection, Coupage, which seamlessly blends geometric and organic shapes to create pieces that wrap around the wearer's anatomy. With no beginning and no end, Coupage embodies the beauty of continuous lines and the timeless elegance of the vineyard.

We are all EARS

At Peretti, we take pride in our ability to adorn ears with style and comfort. Our designs are not only timeless and distinctive but also offer effortless wearability. Our collections are thoughtfully crafted so that each piece can be worn alone or seamlessly paired with others, allowing for endless mix-and-match possibilities.