PIERETTIS’s timeless designs ignite the spirit of understated elegance and uniqueness.

Mother and daughter Maria and Carla Pieretti began their quest to create handcrafted, ethical pieces with Latin roots that aesthetically flirt with nature and architecture in 2017. The versatility of their designs evolved along their travel itineraries and grew to embody jewelry that became an extension of themselves.

At PIERETTI studio, they continue to explore unconventional materials and pure forms through a detail-oriented synthesizing process where extreme attention conveys artistry converging in unique pieces. From the creators’ own hands to their local workshops, every PIERETTI piece effortlessly elevates the daily life of its tribe.


Our mission is to create timeless jewelry that embodies understated elegance and uniqueness, elevating everyday wear.

Brought to life in Latin America, PIERETTI collections draw inspiration from the beauty in their surroundings. From mundane objects and nature to trips around the world and experimentation with unconventional materials, inspiration is all around them. This dynamic design process converges into pieces that portray Latin minimalism and modern sophistication.

At Pieretti, we weld emotions and polish imperfections to create bonds and stories- María Pieretti, CEO of Pieretti Joyas