4 hands jewelry

Every story begins with a dream. In 2017, it was the beginning of the dream of the family firm Pieretti Joyas, two women with a young and creative spirit, María and Carla. Who, after 20 years working in the large-scale architecture sector, wanted to express their creativity in a more detailed way and that is how they dedicated themselves to creating jewelry with minimalist, elegant, authentic and versatile designs for every occasion.

Generate infinite links between pieces and people, to highlight the authenticity and versatility of one of its clients and jewelry became its main mission. In the Pieretti Universe, they identify with women who are creative and real, who show their unique style through simplicity and fashion, which allows them to flow with confidence and fulfillment in their daily lives.

Each of his collections is inspired by moments captured day by day, during his travels, where the diversity of architecture, nature and personal connections activate his creativity.

Its pieces are characterized by the use of pearls and noble materials such as bronze, in addition to the love and dedication in the finishes that highlight the brilliance of each jewel.

His honest processes, his passion for architecture and the inclusion of lines, movements, volume in each of the pieces, undoubtedly define the DNA of Pieretti Joyas who, without neglecting trends, have opted for timeless, unique pieces. and with a lot of personality.

Located in Caracas, Pieretti Joyas offers all its quality, fluidity and handcrafted designs made by 4 hands (those of Carla and María) to all those who want to enhance their creative and sophisticated spirit. Thanks to the digital platform, today you can obtain them anywhere in the world and you will receive personalized treatment, because if something characterizes Pieretti, it is offering close shopping experiences to its customers, in a familiar, funny and with empathy