Gold plated choker Nadine

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The Choker gold plated Nadine is a handmade jewelery piece featuring an organic shape and gold plating. Its metal and finish are designed to ensure lasting wear and shine. Quality craftsmanship ensures this piece will stand out from the rest.

This elegant choker is crafted with a gold-plated finish, and designed to pair perfectly with the Nadine pendant, creating a gleaming, stylish set. The gold-plated Nadine Choker is a timelessly fashionable addition to your jewelry collection.

From the creators' own hands to their local workshops, each PIERETTI piece effortlessly elevates the daily life of their tribe.

In each PIERETTI design, unconventional materials and pure shapes are explored through a detail-oriented synthesis process where extreme attention conveys art that converges into unique pieces.

We are dedicated to creating timeless yet contemporary pieces of the highest standard.
Each piece bears our name, so we should be proud of them, and we are!

Innovation is our secret of success. We draw inspiration from unexpected and mundane objects and materials, we use them to create unique and intrinsic shapes and surfaces.

This innovative, alchemical approach is an exquisite, ever-evolving symbiosis that shapes every Pieretti design from inception to creation.

We are committed to and are responsible for sustainable processes and practices for our productive ecosystem. Traceable materials, recyclable and reusable packaging, and timeless pieces reaffirm our commitment to mitigate the environmental impact of our collections. Pieretti jewelry is as timeless as it is timely: classic yet elegant pieces that will stay relevant season after season.