Pieretti Joyas returned to where it all began in his career: a notebook full of drawings and a vision of how we imagine the new stage of Pieretti's pieces.

This is how Nuage was born, a new collection that narrates the evolution of our brand through each piece. Inspired by the free and authentic shapes of the clouds that surround us, each piece is designed to flow with the person who wears them.

It all started with the image of clouds from an airplane window, the same clouds that someone else was probably looking at from somewhere in the sky. Clouds that travel to different destinations, changing shape, but without losing their essence. Clouds that accompany us in the different places we have traveled: those that accompany Ávila in Caracas, summers in Miami, or the infinite sunset in Madrid. Between them, there is a bond that unites us: the ability to adapt and the authenticity that keeps them unique and that no matter where you are from in the world, they always keep us connected.